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Middle school has never been more fun, dramatic and full of mayhem! Get to know Taylor, Janie, Amanda and Mary as they navigate their way through school, church, boys, parents and messy friendships.

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Oh no! Do to the overwhelming request for Valentine's Day Goody Bags, we are all out.  We will run a similar promotion during Easter.


Taylor's Party Dilemma

Taylor and her BFF’s Janie and Amanda are getting ready for Mary’s Annual Epic Birthday Bash.  After a major fight with Mary, Taylor declares all-out war.  There is no way she is going to Mary’s party.

Amanda's New Friend

Amanda misses her friends!  Ever since she made All County Orchestra, she has no time to see her BFF's Taylor and Janie. They seem to be getting closer while Amanda is swamped with violin lessons. Amanda starts working on a school project with their arch nemesis Mary. Turns out Amanda and Mary have a lot in common. She likes the same things Amanda does! Amanda knows if Taylor and Janie find out she’s friends with Mary, they will be mad at her for sure! What should she do?

All-Star Janie

When Janie becomes a member of the Elite Bee Squad, a team of students competing in the district wide spelling bee, she becomes a local celebrity overnight.  She is treated differently and it seems like everyone either wants to be her friend or her enemy.  While preparing for the spelling bee, a lie is told about Janie and she gets kicked off the team!  Janie is sure her BFF'S longtime rival Mary is behind it.  Can Janie get back on the Elite Bee Squad and figure out who got her kicked out of the spelling bee?

Young Mind's Creative Activity Book

Get ready to stretch your creativity with this activity book designed to encourage you to think outside the box. Activities include journaling, illustrating, puzzles, trivia, recipes and S.T.E.A.M. activities. Ready, set, GET CREATIVE!

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About the Author

D. R. Whitehead is a Christian Children's author who has been writing for several years. She is dedicated to providing books for the youth to read and enjoy. The author currently resides in New York and enjoys time with her family and going to the beach.  To write the Author or to book an Author Day (in person or virtual) send an email to the link below.


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